Test systems are just the tip of the iceberg!

Test organizations are drowning in the hidden costs and pains of dealing with test data and software infrastructure.

Verifide provides an out-of-the-box, complete, dynamic software platform for all your test operations.

Supports NI LabVIEW, NI TestStand, ATEasy, C#, C++, Visual Basic, Matlab, and Python.

Why Does Testing Matter?

Click the link below to read Robert Jacobsen's interview with Verifide CEO Neil Baliga.
Robert Jacobsen is the author of the book "Space Is Open For Business"

Testing To Scale - Interview with Neil Baliga

"Testing is a time-consuming process and is a big contributor to the cost and schedule in manufacturing of space products
With space technology, the ability to diagnose problems after launch are extremely limited."

Acquire.  Analyze.  Adapt.  Advance.

Data Analysis

Slice and visualize data anyway you want and identify trends. Easily overlay and correlate swept data plots across tests. Get birds-eye views of data and performance with drag-and-drop ease. Create data distribution plots, production metrics and more! 

Data Storage

The flexibility of flat files with the power of a database. With our Dynamic Database, you'll never need schemas, SQL code, or a DB admin,Ever!
Add our data solution to your system without changing your existing test code!

Monitoring + Execution

Have full traceability of your execution environment with activity logging, data logging and strip charts.Protect your device under test with audible larms and events that can automatically perform safety shutdowns with no operator intervention needed.

Parameters + Limits

Simplify the setup of test sequences, parameters, and limits with our unique table-driven approach. Our parameter matching engine minimizes repetitive data entry in setting up your test executive.


Use our modular and distributed platform to build powerful test systems quickly. Continue to use the development platform you're already using. We support LabVIEW, TestStand, ATEasy, Python, C# and .NET, and MatLab amongst others.

Modular Architecture

Command and control tests, drivers, and components across the network; re-use and share them across projects and systems. Isolated interfaces allow you to easily swap instruments without changing test code. Plus, you have full control of the code that you plug into our framework!

Demo Videos

What Is D.R.I.P?

Find out what DRIP is and how it affects you.

-Learn about Verifide's solution for data management and analytics (Trend, Metrics, Statistics, Correlation, Yield)

-NO schemas
-NO SQL coding
-NO DB administration

Dive Deeply into Your Data and Process Metrics

Slice your data multiple ways with our data visualisation and statistical tools.

-Zoom with Interactive Charts
-Trending, Statistical, Search, and Pivot Analysis
-Web Dashboards
-Advanced Reporting Engine

Advanced Data Analysis

Get higher level insight into your test data:

-Trend data across test runs
-View statistical plots and Cpk reports
-Process test data against limits AFTER testing
-Yield Analysis with hypothetical limits

Flexibility and Power with Data and Reports

Store rich data types and generate reports without database configuration or schema changes:

-Complex Structures without a DBA
-Organize Data into Hierarchies
-Types include: Strings, Arrays, Tables, Images, etc.
-Reports and Trending

Manage Test Execution and Monitoring

Sequence, monitor, and manage complex executions and test services.

Use LabView, TestStand, or our Sequencer
Manage Parameters and Specifications
Alarms, Monitoring, and Safety Shutdown
Strip Charts and Logging

Develop Modular and Reusable Components

Powerful developer support with infrastructure to make your life easy.

-Use LabView, MATLAB, or VEE
-Code in Python, C#, or other languages
-Manage Drivers and Tests across the Network
-Developer-Focused and Full IDE Support

Simplify Sequences and Parameters

Use our table-driven test approach to manage parameters and configurations.

-Use Table and Configs to Manage Parameters
-System Engineers Can Define Themselves
-Quickly Iterate and Change Parameters and Tests



Powerpoint Presentation


Data Management


Data Management


Test Automation

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Modular Test Systems

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Table-driven Testing


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